Gem Aroma Mist Blend Workshop

Gem Aroma Mist Blend Workshop

17 September 2022, Saturday
1.00PM - 2.30PM

Join our upcoming Gem Aroma Mist Creation Workshop.

Indulge your weekend with your family and love ones in this one of a kind aroma mist blending workshop at our cosy activity corner at Bras Basah Store.

Learn how to create your aroma mist infused with natural gems and leverage on the frequencies from natural essetial oils and gem crystals to create a balance energetical state.

Learn about the healing properties of all the Gemstones and how you can leverage on their energy to bring them to assist you in balancing your mind and body.

Workshop inclusive of:-

  • 1.5 hrs fully guided workshop
  • 1 X 50ML OF Aroma Mist HOUSE BLEND
  • Knowledge sharing by Glenn (Founder of Gemstory)
  • $5 Gemstory egift voucher
  • (Redeemable on actual day)

Create your own Gem Aroma Mist

+ BONUS TOPICS by Glenn - Founder of Gemstory

Healing Essential Oils

A short introduction delving into the basic of aromatherapy and the therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

Aromatherapy with Gemstory

How to construct a scent & blend scents in natural perfumer's alcohol and carrier oil

Everyday Life with GEMS

Learn the usage of gems and their benefits.

Healing Gem in Natural Aroma Mist

How to combine the use gemstones and essential oils during the blending process and understand the basic healing properties of Love Energy GEMS.

About Glenn

GEMSTORY was founded by Glenn in 2013 as a result of his immense passion for crystals. He started out with the intention of delivering positivity through the power of crystals to the masses. He believes that every gem comes with its unique vibration energy that resonates with each individual, which will help them in their daily lives. 

He hopes to remove the traditional impression that people have towards crystals and integrate crystals as part of the current lifestyle trends which had created a significant change to the crystal industry in Singapore since beginning of 2014.

He always believe that he is a Story teller and an Evangelist for his CRYSTALS and that all of these crystals are his little “Angels”. By sharing the stories behind each and every piece of the unique crystal to their prospective owners, it creates a meaningful relationship between the crystals and his customers. He hopes to create these experiential paths to all crystals lovers with his own unique delivery and knowledge sharing. 

Gem Aroma Mist Blend Workshop

1 Pax
Gem Aroma Mist Blend Workshop
17 September 2022 (Saturday)
1.00PM - 2.30PM
Value Added Workshop
2 Paxs Bundle
Gem Aroma Mist Blend Workshop
17 September 2022 (Saturday)
1.00PM - 2.30PM
Value Added Workshop

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